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remarks is a group of visual artists, who aim to support the diverse range of its members' practices.

The group seeks opportunities to bring contemporary art images and issues to a wider audience through exhibitions, events and performances.

Haunted by Linda Scott

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17th Mar 2008
Photos added from Grey Matters exhibition.
Surveillance by Ann Wells

'Grey Matters'

Remarks explore the theme of 'Grey Matters'.

The artists respond according to their own particular concerns and pre-occupations: phobias, assumptions about age, the fickle nature of memory, questions surrounding change and nostalgia, the experience of impairment. Media include photography, papier mâché, painting, drawing, and textile.

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'Palimpsest' - Online Exhibition

Photo © Linda Scott 2004

An online art exhibition exploring the theme of memory. Where the metaphor of palimpsest, a manuscript in which old writing has been rubbed out to make room for new, runs through the different artists' works. The artists make extensive use of animation to re-write the 'manuscript' before your eyes.

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